Sewage Spill Report

Sewage Entered a Waterway


Name of Municipality: City of Maysville, Georgia


Date of Spill: 3 February 2016   Time of Spill: 12:16 pm


Duration of Spill: 5 Hours


Amount of Spill: 4,500 gallons at Lift Station # 2 (If this spill was a minor spill, submit this page. If it was a major spill as defined on the second page, submit both pages.)


Describe the method used to determine amount: Captured volume overflowing manhole into a five-gallon bucket and timed for one minute to calculate flow.


Location of spill: A lift station serving the City of Maysville collection system. Location is on Ellison Drive (lift station # 2).


What waterway was effected? Unnamed tributary to the Grove River


Describe what happened. What caused the spill? Is the spill ongoing? Give details of the corrective actions. Has the repair been completed? Attach pictures of before and after the repair and extra sheets if needed for description.   Sanitary sewer overflow due to heavy rainfall event occurring on this date.


Date you contacted EPD: 4 February 2016


Who at EPD did you contact? Ms. Phoebe Tchoua via email


Date you reported spill to Health Department: 5 February 2016

Copy of notice to Health Department included   Yes


Date notice posted at spill site: 5 February 2016


Spill Reported to media: Posted on City’s webpage and also a City Hall


Signed: Chris Hinson                      Date: 4 February 2016


Title: Environmental Specialist    Print Name Chris Hinson