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Public Hearing on Annexation and Rezoning Request

Planning and Zoning Board

City of Maysville
Planning and Zoning Board
Please take notice that the Maysville Planning and Zoning Board will hold two
Public Hearings on the annexation and rezoning of the following property on
February 28, 2022, 7:00 p.m. at 4 Homer Street.
(1) 046 001G, 40.13 acres and 046 001F, 40.16 acres, Hunters Glenn,
Maysville, Owner, James Lyles. Request- (Annexation and Rezoning).
(2) B32D 060A, 124 Model A Drive, B32D 060, 128 Model A Drive, Ridgeway
Road, Maysville, 8.62 Acres, owners Michael and Kay Butcher, Request-
(Annexation only).
A copy of the applications will be available for public inspection at the Maysville City Hall.