Phone: 706-652-2274

Census 2020

The Census Bureau is still looking for applicants in Jackson County for the 2020 Census enumeration. These are great part time jobs for any one looking for work. The hours are flexible and the pay is $15+ an hour and up. Most of these jobs will be from March 2020 to around July 2020. Most of the work you would be doing would be within our local county and region. If you are interested please apply at this link:

TIPs for getting the jobs:

1) BE PATIENT: You will usually be called within 60 to 90 days about the job if you are chosen.

2) ANSWER THE PHONE: Make sure you answer the phone number you put down. The caller ID may not say the US Census Bureau. If you miss the call from them it lowers your chances of getting on.

PLEASE share this with any of your friends or family who may be interested.